First Draft Farms
Quality Draft and Draft Crosses for Sport & Pleasure
Queen Creek, AZ

First Draft Farms specializes in draft and draft cross horses for sport and pleasure. We hand pick our horses from several Amish farms and breeders in North America and Canada. They are then imported to our facility in Queen Creek, Arizona.
These horses are usually broke to harness and were used as driving horses or to pull farm equipment. We start them under saddle with basics in dressage. They learn very quickly and are soon happy in any situation/discipline. Once sold they go on to jobs in: commercial or pleasure driving, english or western pleasure riding, trail riding, fox hunting, eventing, dressage, even show jumping! Sometimes they are just the family pet! We have found they are truly "gentle giants".


We offer a wide selection of the larger breeds: Percherons, Shires, Clydesdales, Belgians and sometimes the smaller drafts such as Haflingers and Fjords. Our draft warmbloods are usually crossed with Thoroughbreds or Quarter Horses, but sometimes we have crosses with Morgans, Standardbreds, and Fresians.

Our horses are selected based on temperament (our #1 concern), conformation and ability. They are sane, sound and sensible. Each horse is priced individually and price varies depending on the horse's training and potential. We will always represent our horses honestly and to the best of our knowledge.

Please browse through our "Drafts FOR SALE" and contact us if you would like to come see any of our horses or would like more information. Sale horses are shown by appointment only.

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